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  • Iris van Ooyen

    “Iris is able to coach to a depth that only few are capable of. Thanks to her support I trust my intuition more. I am able to stand taller, dare to set clearer boundaries and I feel happier, lighter, more powerful and free. So grateful our paths crossed. TOPCOACHING between heaven and earth!”

    Business Transformation Coach

  • Iris van Ooyen

    “Iris was perfect... we had such a good relationship. Her words of wisdom are always perfectly on time - whether calming, encouraging or firm and instructive, everything she does is done with love and a genuine care and concern.

    I always felt like I took a big step forward after every session with her and there was always such catharsis and clarity each time.”

    Olympic Finalist & British Champion Long Jump

  • Iris van Ooyen

    “Iris nailed it every time. The first thing that comes out of her mouth is exactly what I need to hear.

    I get great clarity about what I need to do and it creates a new level of motivation and drive.”

    Coach to 2 Olympic & 9 world champions