It's Time To ENJOY The Holiday Season!

I'm excited to announce the Holiday Survival Kit is back!

Get my favorite practical tools that help you take back control over your energy and time, so that this holiday season you'll actually be able to enjoy it fully! 


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Proven techniques that will change your energy level (and your life!)

I used to be miserable and exhausted during Christmas and any other big party or event. Not because I didn't love the people or because I didn't want to be there.

But because I had no idea what was draining my energy.

I didn't have the tools to manage and protect my energy. I had no clue how my sensitivity was impacting me—and how I felt. I was unaware that I was picking up other people's emotions and was lugging them around as my own...

It took me years to figure out what to do differently and how to support myself. I've now bundled my favorite tools and techniques in this special Holiday Survival Kit! 



Get All the Practical Tools Required to Have More Energy, Be Less Stressed and Enjoy this Magical Time of the Year!

Over the course of 6 days you get the exact tools and techniques I use personally to be able to enjoy the Holidays (and any other major events)! You can enjoy these tools all year!

Energy Tracking Tool

This powerful tool helps you monitor your energy so you can have more of it! Helps you get clear on where you lose energy and where you can gain energy.

6-days of Powerful Content

You'll get a new laser-focused training call each day. Includes easy to use tools and techniques as well as audio activations. This program takes less than 15 minutes per day.

Tools to Save Time & Energy

You can use these practical tools every day for the rest of your life so you have more energy and time to enjoy the things worth doing!



Get started today and have a completely different experience this Holiday season!

Do things on energy instead of on willpower.

Be able to actually enjoy your time off.

Feel more relaxed and present.

During six days I'll teach you my most valuable tools. The training calls are short and extremely focused—making them easy to fit into your busy December schedule ;)

  • Iris van Ooyen

    I have more energy and it is much easier for me to get centered in the middle of turmoil.

    Shelly Byrne , EarthJoy

Hear Directly From My Successful Students

  • Thanks to this program I am more conscious of my energy level. I finally know how I can protect my energy and I have incorporated the exercises into my daily routine. That gives a lot of grip and feels great.

    Paul Vrenken


  • I used to do things on willpower instead of on energy. Thanks to the exercises that Iris teaches us to do daily I feel a lot better!

    Antoinette van den Koedijk

    Riding school owner

  • By doing the exercises daily I feel less tired. I feel stronger and it’s easier to trust the process!

    I now know how important it is to protect myself and do so often with the exercises I learned here. I’m so grateful for that!

    Ann-Charlotte Zwetsloot

    Holistic therapist

Hi! I’m Iris van Ooyen. Author, transformational mentor and creative entrepreneur.

Iris van Ooyen is the creator of the SWEET POWER™ approach to personal and career development, growth, and self-care designed for those who have big things to do in this world, but who often feel drained by the demand that showing up big requires.

An MBA with a background in corporate marketing, Iris combines her extensive business experience with her renowned razor-sharp intuitive insights in order to support those struggling in their career, business, or high performance as a whole. Her clients—including Olympic athletes and entrepreneurs to business managers and teams—praise her ability to quickly zero in on what is not working and facilitate energetic transformations that carry over into all aspects of life and work.

Iris is the author of Radiant: How to Have All the Energy You Need to Live a Life You Love and the YA Fantasy novel Poisoned Arrow