SWEET POWER™ 21-Day Activations Collection

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SWEET POWER™ 21-Day Activations Collection

SWEET POWER™ Activations are powerful guided meditations. For 21 days I will guide you through 15-20 minutes of soothing, contemplative, high-vibe energy. Every activation contains a practical focus, where we’ll walk through a mental visualization on a different topic every day, so your body, mind and soul all get the attention they need—and you raise your vibration to the sky.

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As mentioned on the sales page, these audios were originally recorded during my 1st live 21-day activation years ago. The audio quality is reflective of that time. However, the energy of these activations is so potent that I’ll never change them. If audio quality is more important to you than energy, then this program is not for you. If raising your vibe and the power of pure energy matters most, then you will love this :)